Ottawa custom website: The Piggy Market

The Piggy Market

The Piggy Market is a unique artisanal and local food delicatessan, based in Westboro, and with a customer base from across Ottawa. As its owners say, "Food is more than just fuel; It's what brings us together, delights us and creates conversations. The Piggy Market started as a conversation about food. Good food, made the real way, with local ingredients."

Foil Media worked closely with owner Dave Neil of The Piggy Market in 2009 to create a web presence for the business that would reflect The Piggy Market's physical shopfront and create a space where customers could find out daily specials. The website's colour palette and "blackboards" emulated the store, while rotating content helped customers to find out what the kitchen was offering each day.

By 2011, the business had established a blog (also with our help) and a much needed Twitter feed. When the business expanded its operations in November 2011 to become a craft butcher, it was time to update the website to better reflect the evolving Piggy Market and to take full advantage of the news offerings from the blog and Twitter feeds.

The revamped website went live at the end of November 2011.

Visit this client site. - Be sure to click on the little pig with the flute to hear The Piggy Market's own song!